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My dress is in!

I went for a "try on" yesterday, and was thrilled when I saw my dress. I thought it would be gigantic and would need massive alterations, but when I tried it on it fit much better than I thought. To actually see the dress in my size and not the sample size was amazing. I didn't want to take it off lol.

How are you guys doing with your dresses? Anyone else surprised to see just how much better it looked in your size?
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Re: My dress is in!

  • I got mine the same day I tried it on back in May. Went to do bridals after Thanksgiving and the dress that fit like a glove no longer zipped up all the way! Whoops.

    Now I am back on my healthy diet and cardio plan. I got lazy after FI returned home from deployment,
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  • Congrats - it's so exciting to actually have your dress in!

    My dress came in back in August and I can not wait to put it on again at the alterations appointment. I'm always so tempted to sneak it out of the closet to try on but haven't...yet!

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  • I just went for my fitting yesterday after my dress came in and it fit perfectly.  No alteration needed besided a bustle! I think I may need an inch higher of a heel so it doesnt drag but other than that I'm so happy!  I had to hide it at the neighbors house so my finace doesnt see it! My daughter's flower girl dress came in also and it was so beautiful!  She did a great job picking it out!
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  • FDB, i'm sure your dress will fit since you've been on a diet and cardio plan. When was the last time you tried it on?
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  • Aw, that's awesome that it fit so well! Did you take it home or is the shop holding it for alterations?
  • I have my second fitting tomorrow for my dress.  It fit well the first time but needed some bra cups put in.  Also, just a bit taken in from the top as well.  It came in back in August and it is finally great to get to put my dress on...in my size!  My sister will be with me to learn how to do the bustle.  It will be great to have her see me in my dress! 
  • i got my dress last april. it fit like a glove. went in for the first fitting in november and i was an inch too big around!

    the seamstress was super nice though. she did the hem and the bustle and started adding the crystals i brought to her to embelish the existing beadwork. four weeks later, after i started putting the fork down and shaking my butt more, the dress could be zipped up without axle grease and a shoehorn. i brought more crystals so they could finish what was started.

    so excited to see my dress all finished. i get to pick it up on the 18th. my daughter's dress i pick up next monday.
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