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Any chance...

that anyone here is having an outdoor wedding also? Probably a long shot lol :)
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Re: Any chance...

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    No, sorry. We're getting married in a Church and then traveling to the reception hall. I checked out the link in the previous thread and your wedding plans make mine sound so boring! lol...I never heard of anyone having a wedding on the slopes. How does your family feel about your plans? What will everyone be wearing? I'm really curious now Smile
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    Lol Thanks :) I don't think my family can really picture what I have in mind lol. We're going to have everyone on the hill like in the video, and serve hot chocolate while they're waiting. I'm going to ski down to our "aisle" and take my skis off and walk down the aisle with my father. Our theme is just going to be skiing, and our inviations are going to be old fashioned ski passes our friend is going to make for us.

     I'm thinking our favors are going to be jars of cookie & Brownie mixes.

    I want the kids to feel welcome as I have a daughter who will be 4 then, so we're going to have an adjacent room set up for the kids with someone to help/watch them make crafts and play with toys. And I also want a table next to the dance floor with crafts and crayons on it so parents can keep an eye on their kids if they'd like. Yep, that's about it so far lol.

    I WANT MORE UNIQUE IDEAS!! We are huge fans of being very unique and doing things a little offbeat, and I am an idea whore hahaha
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    I toyed with the jars of baking mixes, since FI and I love to cook together. We're opting for cigars now to go with our casino theme, or custom mugs with cocoa mix
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