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shower question

so i'm struggling with this...
obviously we are now pregnant :) and my sister is planning on hosting us a baby shower. she also plans to host us a wedding shower.....

Baby is due at the end of November so i'm assuming that shower will be september/october ish... BUT she *wants* our wedding shower in Dec, our wedding is in Feb.
I feel like these are WAY too close together and an uneasy about people thinking we are gift grabby.
of course i want both, so i can experience both. it just sucks that they are now rushed into the timing it is :(

So i guess my question would be.. if i can get my sister to agree to a late sept baby shower and a mid jan shower would that be enough time between the two?
or should i even have 2?? would you be offended to be invited to both?
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Re: shower question

  • I would not be offended unless it was your 2nd baby shower for a same sex child you already had....Most women are expected to have baby showers for first boy or first girl and of course children very far apart (me and my sister were 10yrs so of course my mother had nothing for her)

    Due to my MOH going to Haiti in January we are probably doing the shower in Nov, but I think even Oct and Jan would work, month to month PRIOR to Christmas seems a little much
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    I wouldn't be offended at all. In fact, in my family baby showers are given to each child, even if you have 5+ and they are all the same sex.

    If depends on what is normal for your family and friends.

    You can't really help that they are close together, that's just how it worked out. I think your family should understand.
  • I think you should have two showers and no I wouldn't be offended- I may be broke though mid January due to the holidays lol.
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  • Thanks everyone for the input. :)
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  • I agree with PPs.. I wouldn't be offended. They are two seperate and totally different celebrations! :)
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  • i would have both. one is for a wedding, the other for a baby... what's the offense? it may not be as glamorous of a gift being just after holidays, but it's still a celebration of a new chapter in your life.

     my family has showers for every child reguardless of sex or time between. most of my cousins are a 2+ child family and mostly all boy or all girl born within 2 years of eachother. but we are a strange bunch... we celebrate new life as much as we can :) 120 of us and counting!

    as for bridal showers... it's irrelevant to the baby. that shower is for you to get the household items you need to begin life with your new husband.

    if anyone takes offense to being invited to both, then they have some serious issues :)
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