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newly engaged

I was on the Detroit boards so much a few years ago when I was planning my first wedding...met one of my best friends on here...so here I am again planning my second, and last wedding :)

I feel so overwhelmed already, and its only been 2 weeks!  I dont want to have a long engagement, and we will do it quite small (less than 50 people).

I was looking at houses to rent along Lake MIchigan with private beaches so that we could do the wedding there(semi destination-ish)...I am thinking August or September of this year...so decisions have to be made fairly quickly :)  Another thought was to do like a castle/mansion type venue in the Winter...that would buy us a little more time for planning.

I am so out of the wedding scene...like I said I feel overwhelmed...any suggestions, advice or anything at all would be a wonderful help :)

Thanks!  Kendra 

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