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Applause catering/venues!

Hi everyone! 
So i read through the reviews, and found them helpful for things like photography and florists! thanks! But I am still looking for reviews on applause catering and their venues, specifically bridgewater place and the applause event center. 

If you are had/are having your wedding there, or went to one, or know someone who did, can you give me a review? I found some decent reviews of the catering in general, but not really any for these locations, which are in my top 5 choices right now. Id really appreciate the help with making such a big decision!! thanks!
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Re: Applause catering/venues!

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    We looked at using them for our reception as well and I have a couple things to share.
    1. Bridgewater Place was a great venue. The view of the city is awesome and the room layout is fine if you have probably around 150 people or less. They say they have room for more, but it would be pretty crowded with a dance floor. There is also a private room you would have access to that you can use for storing personal items or changing or whatever.

    2. Applause's banquet room was much larger, but I found it a bit on the tacky side. Think cheesy Italian restaurant style. There are also no windows and it felt a bit gloomy. They do have a sunken dance floor with a railing around, which some would like and some probably wouldn't. Just depends on your preference. Overall it wasn't anything special.

    3. We had a very poor experience with one of the staff there. I can't remember if the person who showed us the locations was Nicole or Stephanie, but either way, whoever it was had a very poor attitude. We were a bit early to our appointment, so she didn't have to wait around for us or anything. We felt like we were inconveniencing her for having to show us these places and she was quite cold and blunt if we had questions.

    4. We felt bait and switched. We were told that both locations we looked at were open for our date prior to our meeting (as late as the night before we met). After seeing both, we really liked Bridgewater and felt we could overlook the cold shoulder we were receiving. As we were leaving we asked them to double check that our date was still open for Bridgewater and were told via email a couple hours later "oh sorry, it looks like we're already booked for that date"

    5. We never got to the point of trying the food, so I can't give an opinion on that.

    We ended up at Watermark Country Club in Cascade and I have nothing but great things to say about them so far. Our wedding is in June, so I plan to review them after then.

    Just my 2 cents. Hope that it helps and good luck in your search!
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