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Weight loss buddy wanted

II am in desperate need of losing weight in the next 3 months before my wedding in September. I have a memebership at Snap Fitness (only $34 a month and open 24/7) The problem is I hate going alone. I really would like someone else that likes working out around midnight (i work until 11:30pm) to go with me and to motivate each other. I have to lose as much as I can in the next 3 months which will give me an extra month for alterations. Someone has to be out there wanting the buddy.

Re: Weight loss buddy wanted

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    where abouts do you live? I also need to lose weight but I need to lose some SERIOUS pounds if I wanna look somewhat like a normal bride lol. I'm in muskegon, and I really cant afford a gym membership, but I would love to at least be an online accountability buddy if you want! :) My fi and I are starting a Wii/Ps3 workout regimine along with diet and daily walks either outside, in the mall, or by the beach, whatever we feel like doing. But it would be nice to have someone to compare results with and check in with every now and then when ya feel like you're in a rut or whatever. LMK! :) 
    BTW- I dont know how much you are hoping to lose, but i need to lose 30 pounds or more (i'd like to anyway!) and I have lost 30 pounds in like a month before on the south beach diet. It really works! But you have to totally stick to it and not cheat or else it will fail. 
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    missjean you have a PM!!!
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