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I am looking into WMU as a reception location and also Watermark County Club. Has anybody heard anything negative about these 2 places? What about DeVos? Thank you!

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    For WMU, I would try to find out about their landscaping plans (usually major projects are done towards the end of summer, but you will want to be sure that your event wont coincide with major projects. Also, depending on the size of your event, consider parking (WMU has no shortage of parking during nights and weekends!) Another perk to WMU is the many photo ops - the large fountain outside of Miller, the very large rounded steps by Dunbar & more stairs by the library, flag pole area + Many sculptures, Flower beds, benches and the time capsule. If youre hoping for unique outdoor pics, wmu has a lot of options (I would recommend wandering around campus (not just touring the reception area) to figure out if outdoor pics are a priority.
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