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Michigan-Grand Rapids

St. Sebastian Hall

Ok, so after a ton of freaking out I am still trying to find a place for reception that isn't booked. :'(. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about St. Sebastian's hall, its right behind the St. Sebastian Catholic church, its on wilson ave in bryon center. Any info on the hall would be great. I have been trying for 3 days to get ahold of someone there and nothing but an answering machine or busy signal...sigh. Thanks!!! :)

Re: St. Sebastian Hall

  • edited December 2011
    Have you tired the Grandville Center??  I really don't know their prices, but, I do believe they have several rooms(correct me if I'm wrong, fellow knotties!!!).  Also, we are using Brann's Conference and Catering Center(on Division and 50th).  We have gone to two taste-testings, and ALL of their food is great!!!!  As an added bonus to me, my son works there, but, I can feel confident in his fellow staff members that they would give you exceptional service!!!  HTH
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    I have looked into them and their prices are really more than what we are looking for and I looked into Branns but sadly they are already booked for our date. Thank you so much for the options tho!!!
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