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Looking for a wedding officiant

My fiance and I were both raised Baptist but unfortunately haven't been to church in a long time. In that respect - we're looking for someone to marry us - but I'm not to sure where to look. I would try and find a Baptist pastor to marry us, but I don't know where to start. So I've simply been surfing the net hoping to find someone we can meet with that sounds like they might click. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding officiants that they've met that seem to be worth the time? Does anyone know where I could find a Baptist based officiant? (Probably a stretch...:P)

Re: Looking for a wedding officiant

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    Try checking with family members who regularly attend a church or friends that do. They may be able to lead you in the right direction. Or this is a shot in the dark but just try calling Baptist church's and talking with their secretary, they would have a good idea on whether their pastor would officiate your ceremony for you! :)
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    Lew VanderMeer.  He is the pastor at New Community Church, which is a Non Denom.  He is a GREAT guy and does weddings for A LOT of people from all different backgrounds. I don't think that he requires counseling, but I am not a 100% sure on that. If there are things from a Baptist ceremony that you would like to incorporate I know that he would at least consider doing them and is very open and flexible and very personalbe!  The number to the church is 616-361-6014 and they will give you the number to contact someone about weddings. GL HTH!
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    Thank you both so much! I'll definitely look into those...
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