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Reception recommendations?

I'm looking for any reception recommendations you may have. We're planning on a December 2010 wedding, so we have to start early because of holiday parties. We will have about 200-250 guests and we don't have a HUGE budget. I'd like something that is a little different. Just so that it doesn't look institutional. I'd prefer it if didn't look like an office building. Of course, at some point I may have to stop being picky. My FI is from Grand Rapids and I'm from about 2 hrs south of GR. We're both in Chicago now, but the wedding could be anywhere around Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids, but probably GR. I've looked at all the suggested sites on the Knot and Grand Rapids Bride, but it's a bit limited. I like San Chez, the Amway, and the Meijer Gardens, but if I could not spend that much, it would be a good thing. Thanks!

Re: Reception recommendations?

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    Here's an option for you..it includes a 5-hour bar, the room, and food. :) [url]http://www.kofc4362.com/foodselections.html[/url]It's not the most beautiful thing in the world, but it includes everything that might be costly. My FI and I may or may not utilize this place. :)
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    Try the Hilton Grand Rapids (on 28th Street).  We are having ours there.  They have a gorgeous ballroom and it's a very nice hotel, but is less expensive than the Amway and probably Meijer Gardens as well.
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    Try Bowens Mills. We are having our wedding there next summer, is right between GR and kzoo in Gun Lake. Beautiful place. Not sure what your budget is, but we are hoping to keep ours between 8-10,000. You have to bring everything in, but I really think that allows you to be more "budget concious). Happy planning!
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    Try the Eberhard Center in downtown Grand Rapids.  I doesn't seem fancy, but all dressed up it's great!  And, it's got a great view of the river!
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    What about Noto's on 28th Street (notosoldworld.com)? From their website, it seems like it's beautiful, not crazily expensive (especially for such good food), and would be obviously more unique than a country club or general hotel reception venue.
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