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Cool spots for Engagement pictures?

We're getting our engagement pictures taken in GR next weekend on the 1st.  Just wondering if you had recommendations on where neat spots to take pictures would be.  I know of a few, but i know that there has to be many more.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Cool spots for Engagement pictures?

  • shrades77shrades77 member
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    If you wanted to stay downtown, I would highly recommend outside the civic theater (I believe that is what I'm thinking of) - it has really cool columns that make for awesome pics. Also, the GR Art Museum (if not closed on Sundays), the "blue bridge," Calder Plaza (the plaza with the big red steel sculpture that everyone has seen), and along the river behind the Gerald R. Ford museum are all great spots as well. There are some cool storefronts and some brick roads/spots downtown that are really cool too - all those would be worth checking out!
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    I had mine done in the alleyway next to San Chez. Lots of great light. Also try the GVSU downtown campus courtyard. Lots for green, benches, and a sculpture.
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