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right hair style for dress

I have a gorgeous casablanca halter style dress. It is covered in a delicate lace aplique and beading. I can't decide how to wear my hair.My fiance loves my hair down and curly, but I am afraid it will take away from the neckline of my dress. Also I think it may drive me crazy down all day.So I was thinking up, curly, and loose.Finally, I have a cathedral length, very simple veil that I think should be worn pretty low on my head.Do I please the hubby-to-be or go with up and hope he loves it anyway?

Re: right hair style for dress

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    I think you should wear your hair whichever way you think will make you feel the most comfortable and gorgeous on your wedding day. I highly doubt your husband-to-be is going to be like "Oh my gosh, she didn't wear her hair down!!" when he first sees you as you walk down the aisle. He's gonna be thinking about how beautiful you look and how lucky he is! :)
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    I totally agree with PP.  Do what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.  Here's an idea for your up, curly, loose lookhttp://www.hairtrends.us/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/taylor-swift.jpg
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    Thanks so much girls!!! I think I will definitely go with the up do. "sns" that pic is totally one of the ones on my list! Thank you for the suggestion :o) I go for my practice on august 11th so I will post back with pics.
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    definetely go with the updo with a halter dress...  it will be fabulous
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    Thanks "tricky". I think you are right, I am going to go for it and put it up. :o)By the way, I love your pic!
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    thank you ...
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