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Reviews - wedding was July 4, 2009

So my favorite (most helpful) thing while planning was to read the reviews.....so here are mine, and I also included basic prices because that's always what I wondered about too:Photographer = Chad Bosma = A+Chad was amazing.  He did our engagement pictures in Fall 2008 and then our wedding pictures as well.  We were insanely impressed; he is very professional and just an overall nice guy.  He has tons of ideas and is always up for trying something new.  You will end up with some really interesting angles and ideas.  We also got our pictures back 3 days after returning from our honeymoon!  One of my bridesmaids was so impressed that she booked him already for her wedding next summer.  Email me at juliakf682@yahoo.com if you want to see some of the pictures.  I thought $1500 for unlimited that day (he was there 10am to 11pm) and the copyright was great!Florist = Julie from Andylous = A+Julie supplied us with 100s of roses for basically what it would have cost to buy wholesale.  My only request was all red and white roses and she did a fantastic job.  My bouquet was all white - and the girls had all red.  And our centerpieces were all red with gel beads in the fishbowl vases.  Julie also does all set up and for a small fee all pick up.  It was worth every penny to have beautiful beautiful flowers and not have to worry about a thing. (Cost = about $1200 for 7 bouquets, 4 corsages, 9 boutinieres, flowers for the cake, 20 centerpieces, and 2 church arrangements - also set up, pick up, and all vases)Cake = Nancy Monson = A+Nancy makes cakes out of her home and so it was very cost efficient ($1.50 per person).  We loved our cake!  It was 4 tiers, 4 flavors, and had white whipped cream frosting, white designs, navy ribbon, and red roses.  (Total cost = $330) and she also sets everything up and worked with my florist.  It was beautiful and tasted great. Katie Allen = soloist and church musician = A+Katie is amazing!  She has maybe the best voice I have ever heard and also had a great selection of songs for us to pick from.  I would recommend her to anyone!  ($100 for the ceremony that was 30 min long and for the 15 min before......although we did give her $60 extra because she agreed to play the piano for us too.) DJ = Moments In Time = B to B-They did a fine job.  We weren't unhappy - but I wouldn't say I was crazy impressed either.  Both guys - Johnny and Antoine - were really nice and polite and kept the music going, but at the times when they need to announce the next thing - they were sort of quiet and reserved.  But again - good - but not great. ($700+tip)Davids Bridal = my dress = C to C-I loved my dress and was very happy with it and with the alterations.  But the process of shopping for a dress and getting it was terrible.  The staff was terrible and the customer service was awful - when I complained the manager couldn't understand what I was complaining about because all of my complaints were standard procedure (wrinkly dress, double booking consultants, making appointments and then still waiting.)  But that being said - I couldn't have found a more perfect dress - it's just that I didn't get any help from them. Bridgwater Place = location = A+ (BUT only for location - see below too)We got married on July 4th so needed a location with a view of the fireworks and river.  The room is windowed on two sides and so was absolutely perfect!Bridgewater Place = Tiggs Catering = DThey went through 3 managerial staffs from the time we booked until the wedding.  That meant 3 contact people, 3 menus, 3 pricing, etc.  Also, everytime there would be a time of 3 weeks or more with no word......we booked in August and in January a new staff said - oh and because it's on a holiday you have to pay $3000-4000 in addition to all the other costs.  This was a horrible horrible experience.  Everytime we made decisions we just had to remake 3 months later. Applause Catering = B+Applause was the final catering contact - that was brought in 3 months before our wedding.  Melissa and Adam did a great job and really tried their hardest to undo all the damage that the previous people had done.  They handled all the set up and we ended up with a great July 4th themed menu.  The only reason I give a B+ instead of higher is because of a few very minor problems the day off (1) the air conditioning shut off (Adam did try his hardest to get fixed but for 1 1/2 hrs it got really hot in there)(2) my parents who paid for everything were served really really late and only served after I went to complain(3) my vegetarian meal - which was in the contract and talked about numerous time - was not made - and then served 5-10 min after everyone else at the head table.(again minor things - but still....)President Tuxedo = AAll the guys tuxes looked amazing and they worked with us on finding a decent price.  Only word of caution = the white vest they were going to give my husband was more cream.  so it was white shirt, white tie, creamish vest.  (because it had been worn a lot no longer really white) I complained about it - and they gave us different options - and then just by chance the one on the model was the same one same size and had never been worn - so more bright white.  So turned out okay - but just be careful when ordering the grooms if all white. 5 Star Sedan and Limo = B-We booked the 24 passenger escalade - and really it was lucky we only had 20........it maybe should fit 17-18 adults at an absolute maximum.  But it was very clean and nice. I gave a B- because the driver got lost and we got behind schedule and they said would provide with ice and didn't.  And then she didn't know where to park because of construction.  I know that's being picky - I guess I just think because limos are so expensive - they should have had that figured out. ($480 for alittle over 2 hours)Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church = A+This is the church I grew up in so it was not even a question of where.  But the priest is very strict on certain things - so I just had to adjust.....but it was beautiful, and he was really welcoming to my husband's family who is not Catholic. (free for members) I think that's all?  We had a fantastic day and it seemed perfect!!  These reviews are just me being really really picky to try to help other brides out when deciding!   

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    Congrats! I'm glad you had a great day. Also, thank you for posting your reviews.
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    Thanks for the reviews!! I'm glad that everything went pretty well!  I thought about you on the 4th and what a great idea it was to choose Bridgewater place for your reception.  Congratulations!!
    **Rachel & Andy - 9.6.09**

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    I agree with you on Davids Bridal... though I would actually give them a D- or F. I had horrific experience there. The salespeople were rude and not very helpful at all. Their staff was too busy, the lady helping me was helping two other girls, plus just standing there and chattin it up with a buddy. The associate helping me also sized me way too high. I gave her my pants and bra sized and insisted that I was a size 14 (the dress I ordered from somewhere else was an 8!) She also said that my ribs were too big for the dresses (sorry I have boobs!) The associate was also rude with my mother and my future mother in law, she acted like they were a nuisance and just in the way. After trying on a couple dresses she brought me, I told her I didnt like any of those, and try to describe to her once agian, what I was looking for. She told me that David's Bridal did not carry any A-line corrsett back dresses (strange, becuase I found a multitude of those at other bridal stores). Needless to say, that is when I left.My reccommendation to anyone... DON'T GO TO DAVID'S BRIDAL UNLESS YOU WANT POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RUDE SALES ASSOCIATES. I was much happier with the "mom and pop" bridal shops that actually had time for you and actually were concerned with helping you find the right dress.
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