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Vendor Reviews - July 25, 2009

Hi girls!I know I always loved reading these as people got married, so my turn to pass it on. :)Dress: Fantastic Finds A+Great experience there! Loved my dress and only received awesome service from them! They got me in last minute to do my alterations, and everything was perfect.Church: Westminster Presbyterian A-Beautiful venue, and the coordinators and minister (family friend who also is a pastor there) were fantastic. My only qualm was that we could only use specifically sacred music. Not a huge deal in the end, but at the time I thought it was important because I wanted my parents to sing Come What May from Moulin Rouge. They ended up doing The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.Reception: San Chez AGreat place to throw a party! The 3rd floor area is awesome! When I initially booked it, I had been working with Becky. She found out about a month or two before my wedding that she was going to end up needing surgery the week of my wedding, so she would not be there for the day of. She handed me off to their past coordinator Sarah, and they must have worked really closesly together, because everything was seamless and perfect. Only issues with them is that we couldn't get in the night before to decorate unless there was nothing going on the night before (which they coudn't guarantee until the week of) and some of the food wasn't quite as good as you get in the restaurant, but that's to be expected when they're trying to feed 200 people all at the same time. Overall, would highly recommend to anyone!Photog: Davinci Photography A - for nowHaven't gotten a preview or pics back yet, but they were great to work with and very fun! Had 2 shooters for 8 hours. They showed up while we were getting ready and stayed through all the major events at the reception. Hair/Makeup: Aveda Institute AI honestly couldn't believe a student did such a good job on my hair and makeup! $45 dollars for both, and the makeup stayed all day, and the hair stayed for most of the night until I really started sweating, and then it started to fall. My hair is super super thick though, so I expected that. It stayed through all of the pictures and most of the reception.DJ/Limo: Rhythm & Lights DJ & Prestige Limo: A++I'm reviewing together because the same guy owns both of these companies. Our DJ was good. He missed a couple of songs, but they weren't important and it was no big deal. I was really impressed with the selection of music he chose, and he kept the dance floor full all night long even with the crazy variety of people in our guest list! We had their only limo - a 14 passenger white one. Very nice condition, and our limo driver was a SAINT! He was with us from 8am-1am, always had a smile on his face, and took us absolutely everywhere. He dropped the girls off to get our hair done, and then went back for the boys to take them to get a straight razor shave, then came back for the girls and took us home and then to the church, then back for the boys etc etc allllll day long! At the end of the night, we took the limo to the hotel and realized we'd forgotten our bag with DH's parents at San Chez, so he DROVE back to get it and brought it back to us! Then he took the whole wedding party back to their cars (at multiple locations). He was absolutely great! AND, we only paid $1000 for the combined DJ and limo service. Couldn't have asked for more!Decorator: Kate with Pearls Events A++Probably my favorite vendor. Kate really saved the day! I booked Pearls Events for the decorate/set up package knowing that I may not be able to get into San Chez the night before. The day of you can't get in until 10am. We dropped everything off at San Chez on Friday, and then Kate came in the day of and knocked it out of the park! We walked in and our jaws dropped! We made our own centerpieces, table numbers, etc, and we knew everything that was going into the room, but still couldn't quite envision everything together and it was perfect! My sister also had to call her the morning of to check on the centerpiece flowers (like I said, we did them ourselves, and we weren't convinced they'd hold up the way we had done them). Kate confirmed they were mostly dead, so my sister ran down with the extra flowers I'd ordered and Kate met her a few blocks away because of the construction. She swapped out the dead flowers with the good ones, and it was great! Couldn't have been happier!Invites: Sondras Ink A+LOVED my invitations! Sodra did a custom design for me. I did a combination of a few things she'd done, and they were amazing! On a TON of RSVPs that came back, there were notes about how awesome our invites were!Flowers: Theflowerexchange.com B and Horrocks AThis is probably my own fault, but some of the flowers from theflowerexchange.com died. Glad I ordered double what I needed. I wasn't able to get them in water, though, for about 8 hours after they were delivered, so it's probably my fault, but I was a little disappointed. The ones that lived, however, stayed alive for a good week after we got them. Horrocks we used for our bouquets. We went on the Thursday before and just grabbed a bunch of cut flowers and played with them until we liked them. Held up great! Total for flowers for 25 centerpieces (really 50 since we had to redo them), 8 corsages, 15 bouts, 5 bm bouquets, and my bouquet: $240 :)Bpics: JK Photography A++Even though I couldn't use Jen for the wedding (she was booked already), I wanted to still use her, so I did a bpic marathon session in March. She was SO fun to work with and the pictures were AMAZING. DH LOVED them! I booked her again to do a TTD session with at the end of September.I'm pretty sure that covers everyone I used, but let me know if you think of a type of vendor I don't have! :)

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