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Hey!  I saw in your vendor reviews that your guys got a straight razor shave the morning of the wedding.  My FI was talking about possibly wanting to get one too, but since we aren't from the area he has no idea where to go.  Where did your guys go and were they happy with the place?  Thanks!
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    Hi! They went to Jude's downtown and LOVED it. A lot of people are against Jude's feeling like it's kind of stuffy. Neither DH or I personally had ever been there, but DH said it's the most relaxed he's ever been!
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    lol I went there once because my FI said i would love it.  i did not lol he was pampered i was rushed in and out. definitely a guys salon.  i will stick with my stylist lol but he loves how pampered he get when he get his hair cut :)
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