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We have been to the store, but I don't remember seeing your cake.  Hm, it's really awesome though. :)  We tasted the coconut with lime curd, white with fresh strawberries, and a double chocolate, which neither of us really liked (as we don't really care for chocolate).  She was making spice cake muffins when we were there, and gave us some as we left.  They were delicious. I might have to make a stop there after I get back and try a couple of other flavors. ha.

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    Picture- When you walk in the shop, look directly to the left hand wall. I believe it was the only picture on that wall. Then again, it's been about 5 months since we went and my mind is a little foggy on this. Mmmm the coconut with lime sounds fabulous!! As you know, Barb aims to please. If you're still not set on your flavors, I would go try a couple more. Barb is part of a wedding company cluster- A Modern Event. She featured her mini cupcakes and I went in order to taste new flavors without having to make an appointment. Unfortunately, I didnt taste anything new. YUMMY!! but not new. So I'm of no help other than the flavors we ordered. In fact, if you're not against orange flavoring.. try the pistachio cake with orange buttercream. Trust. me. At our tasting, I wasn't sure about the sound of it. I almost didnt taste it because i thought I wouldnt possibly like that odd combination. Wrong! As I told you, we ended up ordering not only our largest bottom layer in it but we did our top tier anniversary layer too. In one year, when we're eating it again, I'll still know it's the best flavor I've ever tasted.
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    That's how we felt about the coconut cake, but it was so far beyond the other two, that we know for sure that's going to be one of the layers for our cake.  I'm going to have to go try the pistachio and orange.  It actually sounds really good!  I'm probably going to end up having to make an appointment anyway because I've got very little time once I'm home to make everything happen. Ugh.  It's all going so fast now! lolThanks for your help! :D
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