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Have any of you ever used Rockford PhotographY?  I know several people that have booked them, but the only person i know that has ever used them had a horrible experience.  They seem  like a great company and have great packages, but i'm just worried because of the review.  So if anyone can offer reasurance, or even let me know if you've had problems with them that would be very helpful.  Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks~

Re: Rockford Photography

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    Uh oh.. I have already booked them for next August. I'm wondering what review did you read that was bad about them? I hope its no real cause for concern. They seemed to know their stuff and have things together...?
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    I haven't even heard of Rockford Photograpy and I live in Rockford... weird. So i have no imput on their work but in case you want to check out another photographer in that area Memories by Mandy Photography is great. She has tons of experience, great to work with and awesome packages! www.memoriesbymandy.com
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