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Hello laides!

I am having a fall wedding but I am not sure what colors I want to go with. I don't really want the typical fall colors of brown, orange, yellow, and so on. I also don't want the colors to be so dark or too bright. Any suggestions on what colors to use for a fall wedding?


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    I'm getting married at the end of September, it's not really fall season yet, but my colors are fuschia and orange with accents of green.

    I think Fuschia, Orange and Red would look good for fall without it being too fall-ish.
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    I'm getting married at the end of October, and my colors are  royal blue with burnt orange and bronze/dark copper accents.

    This website is a pretty good resource for getting color ideas: 
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    Really, you can use whatever colors you'd like during any time of year.  Realistically I'd start thinking about the flowers you like that are available in the Fall, and start your color search there. 
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    im with futuremrsfraser-  i love red/orange/pink/ together.  dark red is a popular fall color too.
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    I love the fuschia/orange combo, but I had always thought I would get married in May---so when everything I wanted was booked up and we were forced to move to the fall, I just couldn't change my colors just because the season changed.  I am doing fuschia (hot pinkish) and black and white damask.  I look at it like's my day and I can have whatever colors I want regardless of the season.  I say just follow your heart and go with what you love no matter what the seasonal colors normally are!  GL!  Keep us posted on what you decide to go with.  There is a fabulous website that can help you with color schemes if you are undecided...I think it's called "the color palette"---something to that can try to google it. 

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    Thank you for all the suggestions ladies!
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    Pink and Orange is my new favorite combo. Love it!  I am getting married in Sept. We are doing a tropical wedding.  Our base color is black and the tropical pink as the major color. But we are using Orange, green, yellow and purple to accent everything.  Have fun with it! No one said you had to pick just 2 colors and that they had to be specific to a season.  I agree that thinking about the flowers you want to use might help narrow down your color choices. Good luck!
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    I'm getting married in October and using pinks and purple.  I'm using light pink, pink, dk pink and purple as well as white.  The florist is going to throw in a little orange in the BMs bouqets.  Like everyone else said, go with what is you not what season it is.  I could not imagine not using light pink because its fall, it is my favorite color!
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    If you're DIY-ing stuff, Z Gallerie has a lot of cool orange accessories right now.  Very nice orange lanterns in particular.
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    I am having mine in fall and don't want the typical red and orange combo, as well.  Take a look at this blog I just found.  There are a lot of really different combinations you could use.  I even liked the teal and orange wedding they show on there!
    Hope it helps :)
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    What about a charcoal Grey and Yellow....?
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