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Yay! My bridal shower took place over the weekend and it was fabulous! The guys got measured while I was having the shower. The following day I got all my thank you notes done and in the mail, plus stuffed all the wedding invitations. And there they sit in my bedroom patiently waiting to be mailed. :) 

Note: Mine were a little wet from sealing them when I stacked them in the box. The wet from the one envelope, stacked on top of another left a little ripple on a few of them (and no, I didn't super soak them with the sponge). I caught it in time so it didn't happen to many. I just left them spread out to dry a bit before stacking them. Just thought I'd share that with you ladies as you prepare your invites.

Re: Checks!

  • akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    I'll admit, I didn't bother with my shower thank you's until a few days later. I wanted to get them done the next day but I just couldn't bring myself to it. Haha. It might have had something to do with my bach party being later in the same day as my shower. :)

    Great advice about the envelopes! H suddenly decided he wanted to help me with wedding stuff while I was working on the invites, so he got to stick on the stamps, return address labels, and he licked all the envelopes (even though I told him I had a postage machine at work that I was planning to use to seal them). Oh well!
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    That must've been a fun night!

  • akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    Haha that was the last time H asked to help me with wedding stuff, if that tells you anything. :)
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