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I saw your posting about starting a Shutterfly account for guests to post the pictures they took at your wedding. We want to do the same thing...does Shutterfly make it so they can't accidentally delete...that they can only add to the file? 

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    You know, I would have liked that option - but it didn't let me create any special kind of photosharing account. I just created a regular Shutterfly account, then provided the username/password on business cards at the reception for my guests. It's pretty hard to "accidentally" delete a file though.

    One thing I did do, was make a JPG file with "instructions" - just a little welcome letter, inviting guests to check out the photos, and then asking them to create a new folder with their name to upload their photos in (so I knew who they came from). It worked really well, and nothing got deleted.

    I did save all the photos to my computer hard drive as they were uploaded though, just in case. :)
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    I am using Wedding Turtle: http://weddingturtle.com/

    It's designed specifically for photo sharing for weddings. Guests can either email or upload pics. They do have to provide their email address when uploading, but only so viewers of the photos can see who submitted it. I don't believe they are put on a list or anything. I don't believe they can delete anything since they're just adding pics and don't have "owner control."

    It's a pretty new site so there are a couple kinks to be worked out; I tried emailing a pic from my BlackBerry and it didn't come through. I emailed the help email address and the founder of the site got back to me quickly and said they are looking into it. I am hoping they can get it worked out because I think the number of pics will increase if guests can just email them right from the wedding!!

    And you can password protect your site... I guess anyone can email pics if they know the email address, but you get an email notification everytime pics are added so it should be fine.

    So far I am impressed with the site and can't wait to use it!
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    Thank you both for the info!
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