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Beach Wedding/Reception

Well got engaged over the holidays and now starts the fun of planning the wedding. We both want a beach wedding, I tried to pitch destination wedding some place warm she was originally up on that idea then felt some push back from her side of the family when she hinted them on what we were thinking, so we are looking into a Lake Michigan Beach Wedding. We really just want a low key layed back affair. our vision is Renting a nice House on the Lake for the week, use that as the honeymoon as well.  

For the Ceremony simple and on the beach, at sunset sometime late august early sept, then reception would be a Bonfire on the beach with  horderves or a pigroast, and open wine/beer bar, would be doing as much diy as possible, have a few friend of friends in mind to bartend.  

has anyone done aynthing like this in Michigan, and mind pointing me at some options?  I found a few beach houses that could work, sent off some emails but with no responce, one even mentioned weddings and looks fantastic to stay at for the honeymoone also.  Wedding is going to be 50ish people and would like to stay under 5k including the rental of the house for the week.

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