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shuttles for guests?

My fiance and I are considering holding the ceremony at a church in Kalamazoo, MI and then we would like to have the reception at a hall in Grand Rapids, MI (near Caledonia)

Is that feasible to have wedding guests drive 30-45 min from the church to the reception?

I'm also starting to think about the possibility of providing shuttle/s for the guests. Have them park in the reception lot and ride a "bus" to the church site and then back for the reception. Thoughts? Ideas/recommendations on a shuttle bus provider?

I really want to know if this is doable.....will our guests hate us??!? :(

I appreciate your help and advice!!! Thanks!

Re: shuttles for guests?

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    akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    TBH, that seems a little far to me. Is there a church our outdoor space near your reception hall in Caledonia that might work? Or a reception space near the church in KZoo? Or could you use the same space for both the ceremony and reception?

    To answer your question - a shuttle is always well-recieved. However, if you're going to be shuttling guests that distance - I'd be concerned about how much you will pay for that shuttle service. Unless you have a very small guest list, you'll either need the shuttle to take multiple trips while people wait a long time - or you'll need to rent multiple shuttles. 

    My advice would be to keep looking for sites that are a little closer together. Good luck!
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    b0710b0710 member
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    Honestly, like akhnesley said, I hate to be the downer, but many people would be annoyed I think.  A shuttle is nice, but seems like it would cost you a fortune to shuttle all of your guests that far.  I would also recommend trying to get something closer together.  Sorry.
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    We are getting a double decker bus from Kalamazoo to shuttle our guests.  It is pricey, but the whole wedding party is also going in the bus as it holds 65 people.  So I figured it was about the same as a big limo ($1,000).  The name of the bus is called Gallagher's bus and is from a bar in Kalamazoo.  Check them out....may be worth the money!
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