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Blue Dress Barn - Milburg, MI

 Hi I was wondering if anyone has any information on the Blue Dress Barn? I heard that it's great and I am wanting to go see it soon and was wondering if any of you ladies had any information on it. Thank you!

Re: Blue Dress Barn - Milburg, MI

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    My H was in a wedding there, and he said it was all right if you want the super rustic kind of wedding.  As far as I understand it, you should hope to not have your wedding there when it's super hot or cold because there is neither heating nor cooling.

    I know some people here have gotten married there, but I forget who....
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    I have my wedding scheduled there for next year.  They have heaters if it's too cold.   It is rustic, but you can bring in all of your own vendors.  There is a firepit outside.  My wedding planner got married there as well.  It was booked for all Saturdays next year so I'm getting married on a Friday. 
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    Super cute place. It is rustic...however a great venue! Check it out!
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