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I need help finding a reception site.  I am looking for something in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area.  I need it to hold at least 150 people, and I need to be able to bring in my own caterer.  Thanks!!!!

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    There is a new spot called Mosaic Space in GR that looks pretty cool, and I know you can bring in your own caterer. Not sure how many people it holds.

    Also one place we checked out was the Post Family Farm, and I'm pretty sure you can bring your own food there too.

    Sorry I haven't been to very many weddings in GR where people used their own caterer! Hope this helps.
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    Bowens Mills is half way between GR and Kzoo in yankee springs. I am bringing in Adeline Leigh. As long as they are licensed you can bring anyone in. Click on my signature and check it out!
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