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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Alcohol Vendors

Hello all!

Does anyone know of any beverage vendors in the Grand Rapids area that sell alcohol at good prices? I do not necessarily need bartenders, I'm just trying to find out where I should go to buy large amounts of alcohol and not break the bank. I will have approximately 300 guests and I'm estimating about 250 of them will be drinking. 

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

Re: Alcohol Vendors

  • Go to Martha's Vineyard in Heritage Hill, ask for Pete.  He'll take care of you.  Ask for a tour of the wine loft, just for kicks.

    Have fun!
  • I just wandered over from the Detroit board, as I often do.

    The issue with alcohol in Michigan is that hard liquor (ie rum, vodka, etc) have prices set by the state liquor commission. There are no "bargains", just lower priced versions of various liquors. Beer & wine are the only alcohol types where the seller can set a price they want.

    Other brides in the Grand Rapids area may know whether Indiana or Illinois allow their liquor stores to set their own prices. Another alternative is if you know anyone who is in the military or a retired military veteran. They can shop in stores on military bases where the alcohol is a few dollars less per bottle than what is sold in retail stores.

    For our reception we just had beer, wine and a signature drink that was premixed ("Loaded lemonade" with lemon flavored vodka and lemonade). This is one of the ways to keep your costs down, especially for such a large guest list.
  • Thanks for the suggestions!
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