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HELP! Transportation-Trolly or Party Bus/Limo in Grand Haven!

I need suggestions for transportation in Grand Haven.  I would LOVE a trolly, but I am having trouble finding one that will fit more then 18 people.  We have a rather large wedding party (16 including bride+groom) and I would prefer to let my bridal party bring their dates along in between the ceremony and reception, so I basically need something that will hold almost 40 people!

I would be ok with a party bus too since that will probably be the only thing big enough, but I need help!  Wedding date is June 8, 2013!

Thanks in advance!

Re: HELP! Transportation-Trolly or Party Bus/Limo in Grand Haven!

  • Can you take 2 trolleys? LOL  

    There's DADDS, Affordable Limousine, Elite, Uptown Limo and Party Bus or Metro Party Bus and Limousine.
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    [QUOTE]Can you take 2 trolleys? LOL   There's DADDS, Affordable Limousine, Elite, Uptown Limo and Party Bus or Metro Party Bus and Limousine.
    Posted by Jinxed329[/QUOTE]

    LOL I wish the trolleys were bigger, they would be so much better for pictures!

    Thank you for recommendations, I will check them out!
  • P.S. You are super nice for allowing your party to bring their dates aboard the party bus - I went to a wedding once where I was a groomsmen's date and if I hadn't been allowed on the trolly with him I would have been lost in a major city I wasn't familiar with and bored for the FOUR hours between ceremony and reception!
  • Oh well thanks!  Most of the wedding party dates are my close friends too, so I just want us all to be together.  And if I were in their shoes, I would not want to be separated from my date for that long (we have about a 4 hour gap too!), I'm really hoping I can find something big enough!

    I wonder if I could rent a school bus! lol
  • What's your budget for all this? I looked at Dadds but the cost for my own wedding (Jan 19th, 2013) and the size of our party is too expensive for us....I've been looking at All American LImo and Affordable LImousines and Crystal LImousine ( the latter two we saw at the W. Michigan bridal expo in GR couple of weeks ago) and we may just end up going with one of those guys....our wedding party is not a big one, and we're working with a not big budget, so hope those companies can help you too....

    Best of wishes
  • Has anyone tried DADDS? The company who runs it also rents a mansion in Grand Haven, it seems like they keep trying to raise the price on me everytime I turn around, what is the cost of their service? 
  • I went with Affordable myself after speaking directly to their owner and gettin a good deal for their Hummer limo for our weddng in January. My fiance and our wedding party was shocked that we can get something like that when our budget is not big to begin with....lol. 

    Dadds have been calling me a bit since I inquired about their limos 2 months ago.  We didn't go with them because their reviews have painted them mostly in not so favorable light, and Affordable's prices for what we got is significantly less than had we gone with something similar from Dadds.
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