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Just Married Thoughts

So no photos(yet) or vendor reviews(yet) but I am just so stinken excited to be MARRIED!

Our wedding was this past Saturday in South Haven and the weather turned out to be B-E-A-UTIFUL! The day was more than we could have every dreamed of and I woke up today to my husband saying 'Good morning, Wife' with a big smile on his face

The day was not without it's bumps - we forgot to kiss at the end of the ceremony (you know, where they say we now present Mr and Mrs SoAndSo) and had to run back down the aisle but we're now referring to it as our encore and everyone loved it!

And we got back to our cottage at the end of the night, we realized we forgot our key with someone at another cottage 5 minutes away - we got the key but were pulled over by a cop........at 12:30......on a BIKE. BUT he appologized, congratulated us and sent us on our way!

And today we are Mr and Mrs and loved every moment of our day. We dated for over 6 years but today we start at day 1, together.

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