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North Carolina

Card box question

This is for the ladies on the board who are married.

What did you all use for your cards? I've seen lots of pictures of stacked boxes and bird cages. Is it necessary to have the cards in something that is somewhat secure? Who are the potential sketchy people? It better not be my guests....

Just looking for some suggestions. I would love to use a mailbox, but I don't exactly have an extra one lying around. I also like the idea of an old suitcase with a slit cut in the top, again, I don't have one lying around.
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Re: Card box question

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    I just used a regular old box from Michaels. I think people just like using them as part of the decor.

    I've seen pictures of people who use a suitcase and just open it & let people leave their cards inside. I don't think the point of having it closed off is to keep people from stealing cards.

    Just use what you want.
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    I've heard horror stories about gifts/cards being stolen...but then again I've heard all sorts of wedding horror stories. I think card boxes are more of a decor thing than anything. I originally wanted to DIY something unique & fancy but I never figured anything out & I ran out of time. I ended up buying a card box from another knottie. 

    If you really like the suitcase, mailbox idea you should check into Goodwill. You can find all sorts of things there. 
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    My DH made us a card box out of 2 round "hat box" type boxes from Joann's.  There was a large round box on the bottom and a smaller one on top.  He cut a slit in the top for cards and holes in the bottom of the small box/top of the large box for the cards to fall through.  It was VERY secure (and cute), which was what we were going for.   When we got home the next day, he carefully cut a hole in the bottom and we got the cards out.  Then I sold it to knottie alliegator! :) Here's a picture: 

    A friend of ours got married this summer and someone stole almost all of their cards and some gifts I think.  She posted about it on facebook and said it was at least $1000.  You never can be too careful.  
    image Matt & Ashley 5.08.10
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    Mine was more of a convenience thing - if you offer an organized option for people to leave their gifts, then there is less of a mess to clean up. Plus, there is less of a chance that a card will fall off the table and under the table where you don't see it under the table cloth.

    We used a bird cage for ours - and even put two stuffs birds in the lid with a note saying "CARDS - For the Love Birds"
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    Thanks everyone. Seems to have been a mix of horror stories and practicality.  This just might be something I leave until the very end.
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    I've heard the horror stories, but I really would HOPE that no one would steal from us at our wedding. I made mine from the cardboxes I bought from Ashley. :o) I covered it with fabric and dressed it up to look like a present. We also set ours up similar to the same way Ashley's DH did theirs. There is a slit in the middle box, and then a hole in the bottom of the middle box and a hole in the top of the bottom box so the cards can fall thru. I think FI cut the card slit a little too wide, but it's okay, I'm not worried about it now.

    Here's a photo, I hadn't put the bow on top yet in this one though. I'm not completely done with it, it seems like it's missing something... maybe I'll put some rhinestones around the card opening. FI thinks it looks like a mouth and says we should put googly eyes on it... lol.

    I love the suitcase idea! I think that's soooo creative and neat! I bet you could find one at the flea market. It would be also cute if you found vintage looking stickers to go on it, like from different places.
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