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Is it "trashy" to have port-a-potty's at a wedding.. Or wedding is bein held in my sisters backyard and she and her husband think it is a good idea to get them I just don't want my guests thinking its trashy? Thoughts.. Opinions.. Thanks!


  • I had the same concern a while back while I was looking at wedding venues. While in generally, I'd say that yes, a port-a-potty is yucky and most people (especially the ladies) probably won't want to use one, I did happen to find the nicest I've ever seen at Houdek's Plumbing. 

    The company is located in Northern MI, so I don't know how far they travel, but it might be worth a shot. They even sent me a video of someone walking through one of the units to show how big it was. 
  • How many people are you having?  My guess would be that your sister and BIL don't want people parading through their house if it's a significant amount of guests (more than 20), KWIM?   If they don't want strangers going in and out of their house all evening, you might not have a choice, and PaP's are the only option.  I personally wouldn't want a bunch of people going in and out of my house if it wasn't MY event.  I would call around and see what your options are.  There might be nicer options out there. 

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  • I've seen some very nice Port-a-Potties at the Bridal Expo at DeVos that are more like trailers than Porta Potties.  I would suggest looking into those, I understand your sister not wanting everyone going through her house!
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