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What is the average cost for flowers?  If it helps, I need a bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, and about 15 bouts/corsages(total, not each).  I've been looking at different vendors, but there isn't really any information on cost...I just need a general idea.  Thanks!

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    Unfortunately, it totally differs based on the flowers you choose.  I want to say (and I'm going to give BIG ranges here), that you will probably see the following - again, depending on the flowers you choose.

    Bride's Bouquet - $80 - $150
    BM's Bouquets - $50 - $110
    Bouts/Corsages - $7 - $16

    I hope that helps somewhat!  If you need a floral recommendation - I would highly recommend Elements of Elegance.  She does a great job and her prices are very reasonable!  Tell her that Rachel sent you!  :)

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    I second Rachel on her recs and advice.  Keep in mind when choosing flowers if they are in season, if they are local, etc.  If you have to have flowers shipped from another country, for example, that's going to cost a pretty penny.  If you are very budget conscious, tell the florist what your price point is and they can work with you.  GL!
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