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Looking for Kalamazoo Vendors - Hair/Makeup Stylist, Cake

Hello lovelies!

I am 3 hours away from Kalamazoo, in Rochester Hills - I'm looking for some help with local vendors!  We have our venue (Henderson Castle) and photographer already, but I'm hoping I can get some tips on local Kalamazoo vendors.

We need someone to do hair and make-up; I'm hoping to find someone of good quality who comes on-site.

We also need someone do to do the cake! 

Send any of your good experiences with Kalamazoo vendors my way!~  Thank you in advance!

Re: Looking for Kalamazoo Vendors - Hair/Makeup Stylist, Cake

  • Henderson Castle is awesome, good choice :)

    For the cake I HIGHLY recommend Berts Bakery.  They are delicioius, reputable, and really well priced.  Amy, the owner, is fantastic to work with and great at showing you all of your options.

    Most of the salons in the area do offer on-site services for an extra charge, so it's always worth asking about.  Salons I've heard great things about and had good experiences with for other services are HQ, Studio 24, and Eve.  Alano does a good job, but I don't think they do on site services and I've heard they have a tendency to run late if you have more than 3 people getting hair and/or makeup done.  M Spa is good, but I've heard that people don't feel particularly bridal or special after going there.

    I personally am actually using a woman based out of Grand Rapids who does on site airbrush makeup and hair.  There's a travel charge, but I really wanted airbrush makeup and no one in Kzoo seems to do that.  If you want to look her up, her name is Hanna Wagner.
  • Thank you so much!  Fabulous suggestions! 

    Bert's Bakery was my favorite out of the sites I found online, I think.  A recommendation seals the deal, I think, so I'll definitely use them.  :) 
  • eirwyneirwyn member
    edited March 2012
    I love Honore Salon (on the pedestrian mall downtown). My stylist is Masha. She's been doing my eyebrows, haircuts, and hair color for three years. I'm not sure if she would come to Henderson Castle, but it's worth a phone call.

    I know the salon offers some pretty cool bridal packages. I was there once when a bridal party came in, and the salon had a nice basket of muffins and a tray of mimosas ready for them. :)

    Also, the best cake I've ever had in my life comes from Boonzaaijer Bakery, on Cork St. Their cake is absolutely perfect, and the filling is to die for.
  • knwade1knwade1 member
    I am using Boonzaaijer as well for cake, I have a personal stylist that I use, and for make-up a very reasonable artist who will be on site, Crescent Townes, she is excellent and will do trials for you if need be, she does not do airbushing though, but is local and reasonable!

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck,

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