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Recommendations for GR Nail Salon

Does anyone have recommendations for nail salons near GR? I'm hoping to find one that is nicer than the typical nail salon, but has affordable prices (around $50 for mani/pedi), and has 5+ chairs. Any suggestions??

Re: Recommendations for GR Nail Salon

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    Great question! I don't have any advice but was actually logging in to ask the same question :)
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    I go to Golden Nails on Alpine Avenue. It's in a small strip mall with Hallmark. I don't know what you mean by nice...I think it's nice. It's certainly clean, has 5 chairs (I think they have 8-10 actually.). I typically just walk in, but you'd want to make appointments with that large of a group. They can definitely hit your price point. FYI: They use dremels on nails...the Asian way of doing nails. If you want the more American way, Design 1 Salon and Day Spa is fabulous. I've had a manicure there when I didn't have artificial nails. It's VERY nice, but I'm not sure if they'd hit your price point. It's kind of a pricey place. They do have a great website with prices. Check them out.
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    Heidi Christine's salon and spa is awesome. 3 pedi chairs ($45 each) and 5 mani chairs ($25 each). Staff is professional yet very friendly. Flexible hours and great relaxing atmosphere. check em out at heidichristines.com or 6166763304
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