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What are you opinons on A Mills Masterpiece

Hi ladies,
I know I have heard Chris Mills DJ servies being tossed around the board. I just wanted some feed back on him, since we are considering using him. so, if you have used him in the past or attended a wedding he DJ'd I'd greatly appreciate your opinion on it!


Re: What are you opinons on A Mills Masterpiece

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    We have him booked for our wedding on June 12th and are really excited about it. We originally heard about him from an old friend of mine that is a wedding photographer. Her and her husbands business is Kyle Bultman Photography. If you want a reference from them, there website is www.kylebultman.com/" target="_blank" onmousedown="UntrustedLink.bootstrap($(this), "3bfa2", event);">http://www.kylebultman.com or you could message them through FB.

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    We were VERY happy with 'A Mills Masterpiece' services and really could not have asked for anything better. My husband and I were happy, and my parents were happy (that says a lot!) and everyone there just seemed to be having the most fun I've seen at a wedding in a long time! There were many, many, compliments and even a lot of requesting of business cards I was told :) Absolutely great experience! Definitely would recommend and we would be happy to be a reference!
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