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So ladies, I have been engaged since October and I have been trying to find the perfect venue since then. I am looking for something in the Grand Rapids area that will fit at least 200, is affordable and lets me bring in my own vendors. So far, the only place i have found that meets this criteria is a 4 hour drive, and i am not sure I want to asks my guests to do that. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried to get into contact with Mosaiac center multiple times and have not been able to so I am not sure I want them doing my wedding. however, I am open to and greatful for any other suggestions.


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  • Have you checked with UICA? Not sure if they have a certain caterer or not, but it's worth a check.

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    Try St. Cecilia music society. It's classy, beautiful and the staff is swesome and super flexible! Also have about 50 parking spots right in the middle of downtown plus a paid lot across the street. I really love that location.

    Also Applause+ has two different locations, too. The better location is downtown in a high rise building. Pretty and comes with free parking. It'll fit 200 for sure.

    Amway would work as well if they are available. But they are NOT flexible at all and the contract is very wishy washy and can't bring your own cake. After going back and forth a few times and worked with their legal department, still don't know how much exactly I'll be paying for all the add on service.... I would not recommend it unless you are willing to put up with it.
  • we are doing ours at english hills.you can use your own vendors except for the food.but we are doing ours in the off season in april so there is NO room charge..just have to pay for food and drinks if you want the bar..my sister in law to be is having hers there too this month and i know others that have went there and the food is GREAT and very reasonably priced..you can choose sit down or buffet style..they have 2 locations and its a great deal if you get it in the off season because their ball room  is like 7500 bucks  regularly..we are doing the continental room which holds over 200 guests..has a fireplace and 2 sets of stairs...with a big bar on the lower level..i love it..we are having 80 guests with a prime rib and bourbon chicken  dinner served meal with a champagne toast appetizers and a full bar  with a signature drink and it ran us like 3700 bucks with  the gratuity and tax charge.
  • Thanks everyone!
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