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NEED HELP from Grand Rapids Residents! Please Read

Hello All,

This is going to be an odd question for this board but I need assistance and remembered how helpful these boards were when I was getting married (and same for the Bump when I had my first baby) and I knew I could count on fellow knotties. Here's the issue: my 30 y/o brother is relocating to Grand Rapids and needs to move quickly. We're from the Phila area and know no one out there. Could you please send me your thoughts on the safe vs unsafe neighborhoods? He's leaning towards the city. He's 30, single and currently lives in the city of Philadelphia. I'm worried about him being so far away and want to get the advice of the locals on the best spots to rent . Thank you SO much in advance. I know you have other things on your mind right now :) Best of luck ladies!

Re: NEED HELP from Grand Rapids Residents! Please Read

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    Downtown area has some great places, is he looking to rent or buy?
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    There are some new apartment buildings downtown in great areas to rent.  I have also heard that the East Town area is safe and fun.  I would try posting this on the GR Nest board, as it is busier than this board and I know the girls there would give some great suggestions.  I would just make sure to specify whether or not he is looking to live in the city, or is open to the suburbs as well.  HTH!
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    Thanks for the replies! I will post on the Nest as well.

    He is leaning towards the city b/c he's thinking that would be best for a  young single and pace would be consistent with what he's used to (currently lives in center city Phila.) But, that being said, if there are better options in the suburbs, he's definitely open to it!
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    If he hasn't found a place yet!!!.....Heritage Hill or East Grand Rapids, not Eastown. Depends on the type of guy he is but Eastown is a mix of bad area & bohemians (who are very pleasant) . Awesome area, but definately a mix. So if he can afford it, East Grand Rapids which is just a couple blocks passed Eastown is a very nice, wealthy area. Eastown is right in between Heritage HIll & East Grand Rapids. Heritage Hill being closest to downtown and East Grand Rapids not even 5 minutes from downtown. Heritage Hill is full of original historic/victorian homes that have been renovated & turned into 2-5 individual apartments. Close to the schools, hospitals & right downtown. Tell him good luck! :) Grand Rapids is growing a lot and if he's a creative mind at all especially, he'll love it. Art & Music everyday!!
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    I live on the NW side of GR... in Walker. I like it a lot! Very close to downtown but set apart. I know there are lots of great places right in the middle of downtown but it depends on budget of course.
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    East Grand Rapids is really nice for the suburbs.  Downtown, he might consider renting in Icon on Bond or a building like the Gallery.  Good luck!
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