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Just curious how much everyone is spending or planning to spend for transportation?  I'm trying to price shop and don't know if the prices are too much or just average?
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    Our wedding and reception are in the same place, so that's easy. We won't need a limo or anything. 

    The hotel we've booked a block of rooms with is only 2 miles from the wedding/recepiton site so we aren't worried about that. Maps and directions are posted on our wedding website and we'll give people folders with the information too.

    We are using a shuttle bus the night of the rehearsal dinner because we do think people would get lost trying to find Mangiamo. That'll be $170. 
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    Our wedding and reception are at a hotel so we lucked out on that one! ($0).
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    We spent about $500 on a limo from Crystal Limo in GR. It was a bit of a splurge, but H and I both wanted to do it. They did a great job!
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