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Hi, does anyone have any recommendations on limo companies for the wedding party between the ceremony and reception? Also, we're considering shuttling our guests to/from the reception and are interested in transportation for them too, but something simple (no crazy party buses!). Thanks! :)

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    akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    If you check the Vendor Recommendations thread, I know there are a couple of limo companies in there. I used Crystal Limo in GR, and they did a great job. They have a lot of different vehicles to choose from, too.
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    I think we're going to use the GR Hopper for guest transportation shuttle. I've used them for a work event and they are quite reasonably priced. I'm pretty sure we'll use them for my bachelorette party too- we can club hop and not worry about driving because you pay 2 bucks they'll come get you all night long...just call them when you're ready. I don't know where exactly your wedding will be, but you can rent it to take you out of town too.

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    Lorielle22Lorielle22 member
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    If you're in the Grand Rapids area, I allways recommend: A White Knight Limousine http://www.awhiteknight.com/
    We know the owners personally and would trust them completely!  They also seem to be priced a little better than other companies we've looked at in the Grand Rapids area.
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