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My fiance and I are currently looking for a wedding officiant. We were put in contact with a man who officiates weddings that goes to our church (our pastor is not available on our wedding day). He charges $250 plus gas (Grand Rapids to Grand Haven). I don't know if this is a typical rate, but we were hoping to find someone who was a little less expensive, so I'm still looking around. 

Our wedding is in July in the Grand Haven/Spring Lake area and I was wondering if any of you had an recommendations of any local pastors who officiate weddings for non-church members. I was also wondering if anyone has used "I Now Pronounce You" wedding services.

Thanks in advance!

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    i ran into this same problem and was unable to find anyone less expensive.
    we ended up calling it quits on looking and are just getting married at the wedding chapel in coopersville. You get the place to have the ceremony and the officiant for around $500. (wich was cheaper than booking a seperate place and seperate officiant for us)
    They do any type of service you would like there.
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