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Radisson Hotel - Kalamazoo

Has anyone used them or gone to a wedding before? We are thinking of having them as our reception site but wonder what the feedback is from others who have gone through the whole experience.....

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    The radisson is a nice big hotel and if you like the ballroom feel than you'll like it. I heard they just had renovations done so I couldn't tell you more on that. I actually used to cater for the radisson and the food was good. The wedding that I went to didn't have many decorations so it didn't feel very welcoming atmosphere. Goodluck!
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    It depends on which ballroom you're looking at.   The main ballroom is gorgeous, but is giant.  The lower rooms have and are undergoing renovations.  The ones that are done look okay, but to me they feel more like meeting rooms than places you would have a wedding reception.  Its possible the ones that are still being fixed up will be better, but who knows.

    The food is good, the service isgood, and you have the bonus of overnight rooms being just up the stairs.  It kind of depends on your budget.  We met with them as a potential venue for our wedding since we've been to events there before (one wedding, and three company Christmas parties), but the cheapest option was $60 a head but what you got didn't seem to fit that price.  Not to mention that didn't include the cost of renting the space, which was also a bit more than we were willing to pay.

    I still have the pricing packets they emailed us last year.  They probably have been updated, but they could give you a good idea of what to expect cost wise if you sit down with them.  PM me with an email address if you're interested and I can forward them to you.
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    We're also looking at the Radisson as a reception option.  I've worked a few events at the Radisson and also attended a few events there, and their quality of service is TOP NOTCH.  Just call the front desk and ask to speak to the special events manager in the Wedding Studio, her name is Lindsey and you can set up a meeting with her and she will give you all the details.  We are liking the Radisson so far because even though it's a little more expensive than other places could be, they do a ton for you, and I'm not counting on a lot of family help with this so I am ok with a little bit more of a cost in exchange for not having to worry if all my linens, candles, tables, etc make it to the venue.

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    i've had a few friends that get married there and their weddings have all been flawless!
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