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Opinions please on reception sites in GR area

Hello Ladies! I am new to the knot. Engaged just 3 weeks! :)

We are getting married next summer, which in wedding planning days isn't giving me a lot of options with regards to the reception sites. So, I am hoping you all can give me some good suggestions on two questions.

1.) I have been looking into the Crowne Plaza (by the airport). Do any of you know if this is a good venue for a reception site?

2.) I would actually like to find a reception venue that is a little bit more unique, but I haven't been able to locate anything. And, I have been looking non-stop. Do you have any suggestions of venues in the GR area that are unique?


Re: Opinions please on reception sites in GR area

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    My employer does a lot of stuff (training etc) through the Crown Plaza, and they always do a very nice job.

    Whats your date? we are having our wedding and reception at Bowens mills in Yankee Springs. Its not GR per-say, but the GR area. I have pics in my bio, so feel free to check them out.
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    Do you want to have it in a hotel, a hall, or what type of feel would you like?  What type of budget are you hoping to stay within?  How many guest do you hope to have?
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    Thanks for the information chestr22.

    Ideally I would like to have a space with a great view. I would probably lean more toward a hotel than a hall, but ideally I would like a venue downtown that is more historic with exposed wood beams and brick walls. Also, about 200 guests and saving money is definately a concern, but with the right space, I would be willing to splurge.
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    Based on what you described above, I would recommend the Top of the BOB (exposed beams, brick walls, etc), or San Chez (not sure how many guests their venue fits though), as they are both downtown. Otherwise, the Crowne Plaza or the Hilton GR (although, communication can be a little tough with them - full review in bio), which are both on 28th Street.  Hope that helps!
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    There is a newer space called Mosaic Space that might be what you are looking for. Also I have heard the Eberhard Center (part of GVSU) has really nice views.
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    Eastern Floral also has a new space for receptions. dont have a clue as too much it costs, but it has what our looking for (not sure about view). Saw it on Eight West, lol.
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    We  had our reception at the Crowne Plaza and they did a wonderful job! The food and service was excellent.
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    im having my reception at tre cugini, right downtown grand rapids. it's really unique and has got a big open atrium with brick walls. it's across from the art museum and rosa parks circle. AND they have fabulous authentic italian food! :) moderately priced too. they will work with whatever you need
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    I fell in love with a few of the rooms at Noto's. It definitely has well rounded banquet rooms,  wine cellars,, gorgeous spaces, very unique.

    I have booked my reception at the BayPointe Inn on gun lake. It's about 30 minutes south of Grand Rapids. But its right on the water and is gorgeous.

    Noto's Old World Italian Dining


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    Bay Pointe Inn Lakefront Resort

    11456 Marsh Road
    Shelbyville, MI 49344

    Toll Free: 1-888-Gun-Lake

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    Thanks for all the suggestions ladies. I looked at most of these places, but unfortunately they were either booked or out of my price range... The one I am saddest about passing on is an option I found through a caterer. She has been catering in the new River House. The views are AMAZING of the city, but since they are condos that are for sale, it is possible they would no longer be available on the day of my wedding. I couldn't deal with that stress!

    The place we ended up with is a golf course, which will work well for us because the price is reasonable enough that we will be able to have whatever we want with regards to food, alcohol, decorations, etc.. I just hope he doesn't get tempted and try to play a round of golf during our reception!! :)

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