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For Sale: Bridal Set (And Men's Wedding Ring)

Okay, so I was supposed to have gotten married Sept. 26, 2009. As many of you know, it didn't happen. He called it off and moved out.

Please ladies, no flames. I'm not a vendor. It breaks I didn't get married.

I'm trying to sell the rings. I've posted it on Craigslist and everthing. Do you know anyone that would be interested? Seriously, I'm not a vendor. I only have my engagement ring, wedding ring, and his ring to sell. They came from Fred Meyer Jewelers in Rivertown. The wedding rings have never been worn or sized. I did wear the e-ring. It's been sized to a 6. LOL I love my set, but it's not like I'll get to wear it again and I am still paying an insurance policy on the darn thing.

Here's the links to the rings of the Fred Meyer website:


The set is currently on sale for $3,999. I'm going to sell mine for 3,000 even.

Here's the men's ring:


The men's ring is on sale for $799. I'll sell that one for $500.

I posted it awhile back on the "just engaged board" but because it's a national board, they don't know me and they were awful to me.

Serious inquires can e-mail me [email protected]

Re: For Sale: Bridal Set (And Men's Wedding Ring)

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    If you can tell me how to get this stupid picture of me and my ex off my profile (and pull the wedding bio down) that would be fabulous!

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    I remember you and know you're not a vendor.  I hope you are doing better now and that things are looking up!!
    **Rachel & Andy - 9.6.09**

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    Your ring is gorgeous! If I know anyone looking I will point them your way!
    Lindsey & John
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    Also - to change your picture - click on your username and it should link to your Knottie account area. There is a link called "Edit my avatar and sig" and that is where you can change pictures/etc.
    Lindsey & John
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    Thanks girls! Things are going okay. I have a super hot bf now.. treats me great, sweet, considerate, and has a good job. My family adores him too. The biggest problem is that he lives on the other side of the state. :( We met on eharmony and we see each other every weekend, and sometimes during the week (We went to Cabo last month. And we saw Bon Jovi last week! Those are a couple recent highlights. :)

    All that being said, my student loans are coming due fast, so I have to do something to reduce my expenses. I'm looking for a cheaper apartment and trying to sell my rings. 

    I'm also stressed about not being married when I'll be 33 in a couple months. Yeah, yeah...I know what everyone will say but everyone on here is on here for good reason...they are getting married. And my job doesn't help. LOL I'm an event planner. I like deadlines, goals, and outcome measures...occupational hazard. But seriously, I thought I'd have been DONE having kids by now. No kids until I'm married...can't even make ends meet with what I make, let alone try to pay for daycare. AAAAAAAHHHHHH! 

    BF has started talking about marriage but it wouldn't be for a couple more years. I feel like my biological clock is going knock the earth right of its axis. Yeah, you can blame the whole global warming thing on me. LOL
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    I was able to change my pic, but can't for the life of me figure out how to get that wedding website off. I don't want to look at that man's mug anymore!

    Oh, if you'd like to know what the new man looks like, I did post a pic. It's the only one that I can get to work from the new mac (which I hate btw) my office got me. If you'd like to see more pics, you can find me on facebook. LOL let me know you want to add me because I don't add people I don't recognize.
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