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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Rehearsal Dinner

Does anyone have any suggestions for a budget-friendly place to have a rehearsal dinner in the Kalamazoo area?

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Re: Rehearsal Dinner

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    I agree, it absolutely depends on what you consider budget-friendly.  IMO, the cheapest solution is to maybe have Qdoba cater in their burrito bar, or order pizza.  Something like that.  You don't have to go to a restaurant, just fyi! :)
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    We had ours at Gallagher's on Stadium and it turned out great. I really wanted someplace with a private room and most of the other places in town make you commit to a minimum of $1000 or something ridiculous. We had about 25 people in one of their private rooms and it cost us about $600 including gratuity. Our guests were allowed to select from 4 entrees that we had picked ahead of time and we had an open bar. It wasn't fancy but I was more concerned with having a little privacy and having our guests enjoy themselves. The food and service were good.

    I'd recommend them for sure.

    FYI here's the other places I checked into and why I didn't pick them:

    Bilbo's on Stadium: the only other option that looked economical. We just decided it was too casual.

    The Roadhouse: they also looked pretty economical but their "private room" isn't really private and it wouldn't fit 25 people.

    Mangia Mangia: they require a $1000 minimum to use their private room on a Friday night.

    Martini's: they require at least 50 people to use their private room.

    Old Burdick's: they have their group menu online, their cheapest option without any alcohol would be over $600 with tip for my group.

    London Grill: they also have their group menu online and while it's a bit cheaper than Burdicks, including any alcohol would still have been over $600 for 24 people. We also thought their cuisine was a bit too specialized for what we were going for.

    Food Dance: way too expensive

    Fieldstone Grill: Cheaper than both London Grill and Burdicks but we decided it was too far away. I didn't look into Epic but considering it's more upscale than Fieldstone, I assumed the prices would be higher.

    The Oaklands: this was a bit too formal for what we were going for, not to mention it looks like a reasonable amount of planning to get the furniture moved out and tables moved in, plus dealing with a seperate caterer. Too much hassle for me.

    Hope this helps!

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