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West MI Bridal Show??

So -- I'm not from Michigan...in fact hardly spent any time in MI until recently and LOVE it!  Lake Michigan is the compromise I've come to with my family for a spot for FI and I to get married, and I'm super excited about it now...(we were going to go away to Hawaii and call it a day...long story behind that switch....not the point!)

I saw there's the West MI Bridal Show in Feb...has anyone gone to this?  I see they have it 2 times a year...was it helpful?  I'm thinking of going since I live further away, hoping to see a lot of venders in a small amount of time...any thougts, advice?  Thanks!!!!
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Re: West MI Bridal Show??

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    I honestly don't find those things very helpful unless you have no idea where to start with any of your vendor searches. A lot of times your reception venue can give you great recommendations on DJs/bands, florists, cake bakers etc. I planned my wedding in MI from Chicago and that was the plan I used. I also set up an account on Wedding Mapper and was able to get a better list of local vendors since TK focuses heavily on Grand Rapids. However, if you you want to go just to see what it's like, grab a girlfriend and make a day of it.

    Also, check out the vendor reviews sticky to see if there's any helpful info there.

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    The bridal shows are good for ideas, and if you have no idea who your vendor options are. I also think they're just a lot of fun. :) A lot of the vendors run specials or prize drawings, and you never know - you might win something! But... as PP said, you can find all the same information online/through other vendors. I wouldn't make a special trip just for the bridal show if I were you, but if you're coming up here that weekend for other things (meeting with reception hall, etc.) then it might be a neat experience. :)
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    I went to the West MI February bridal show back in 2007 with my friend when I was her moh and it was really nice.   I live in Virginia, but the wedding is in my Michigan hometown - so I am flying back for the Feb show and other wedding things.  I would recommend it just because of the vendors there, freebies, and chances to win things that will be local.  Hope that helps!
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    I plan on going as well. Although I looked online and it said Feb. but there are a few signs posted in my neighborhood for a bridal show at devos jan 7-8. so does anyone know what the correct dates are?
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    There's one in January and in February as well!  The one in Jan is the 7th and 8th, technically called the "Grand Rapids Bridal Show".  The West Michigan Wedding Association bridal show is Feb 19 & 20.  HTH!
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