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I just need a sanity check- either to get some support/advise or have someone tell me I'm being bridezilla... sorry this is long!

We went to Alfred Angelo for BM dresses. No one greeted any of us when we got to the store. If most of us hadn't been bridesmaid dress shopping recently and didn't have an idea of how the process worked, we would have been pretty confused. My first bridesmaid went to pay for her dress and I went up to the counter in time to see that the sale price hadn't been used (they were offering $15 off). When I asked the associate about it, she had to ask someone else if the sale I referred to was going on (which it was and that was taken care of). When my sister went to pay she wanted to clarify how much she had to put down on the dress. I had been told on the phone it would be 60%, which she was counting on. The associate told her she had to pay 100% that day. I was not at the counter then, and my sister didn't say anything to me until a couple weeks later. When I found out, I stopped by the store to ask about the policy again- I wanted to make sure I hadn’t been confused initially- and they confirmed the 60%. I asked if there was anything we could do for her since she spent $200 when she wasn't planning to and generally it was kind of a crappy experience. The associate took my name and number and said they would have a manager call me. No one called. I called them a week later. The associate on the phone said a manager would call me that day. Never called. I called the next day and a manager finally called me back and left a message. When I returned her call, I was put on hold for 10 minutes (ok, 8, but still!) and was told they could put the 40% back on my sister's card and then charge it again in a week or so when the dress came in. Am I being ridiculous, or is it legit to try to insist they refund a small portion of her dress just as a good faith/sorry-we-suck measure? 

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    You're being overly unreasonable. If your sister really didn't want to put the full price on her card she should have said something at the time they were charging her card. It really would be pointless to make a fuss at this point. This is her battle to fight as well, not yours.
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    This is interesting. I bought my bridal gown and the bridemaid's dresses from here and didn't have one single issue with them. When the bridemaid's bought their dresses, they only wanted 50% down, which is odd that they told you 60%. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with the situation!
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    My MOH got her dress there and we were never told about 60% down, they just had her pay it in full.  No one really greated us at the door either, but we're ok with fending for ourselves instead of having the 'sales wolves' push us to buy things.  I understand that this was a crappy experience for you and your sister, I'd probably just leave the money where it is.  If it would have been due in a week, there's not really much point to keep transfering it around.  :\ that does suck though.
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    I got my gown, and my bridesmaid dresses here.

    Their service is really crappy.

    And they told me teh 60% thing too, but made my sister pay hers in full because she needed some extra fabric. She ended up stepping down because they wanted to charge like an extra $100 dollars for fabric.

    Honestly, I'd be pissed. If your BM needed that cash for something else, AA just shorted her. And tahts terrible on a business. I hate businesses that don't stick to ther word, or fix the problem they created.

    So no, I don't think youre being unreasonable, they're being unreliable as a company.

    Too bad their dresses are so pretty. I probably wont do business with them again.
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