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CMB Crafts - RANT

Please stay away from CMB Crafts. She will take your money, you will NOT get what you paid for and you will hear excuses over and over. You will also not get your money back.

I paid for a set of toasting glasses and a handpainted glass for my daughter ($45.00 in March, 2010)

My daughter got married on July 10. 2010 and no items and if she emails me back it is just excuse after excuse.

She has promised me my money back , but nothing.


Re: CMB Crafts - RANT

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    vonofre1vonofre1 member
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    I had the same problem with my order (30 vases, 1 sand ceremony set) for my Beauty & the Beast themed wedding back on 10/25/08. I had put in the order at the end of February that year to have by October and I only received my sand ceremony set. They told me that she had back surgery and was recoverying from that and that I could get credit for the amount of the difference owed to me. Correspondece with them is awful! It's a shame too since her work really is wonderful...To this day, I have never been compensated for my loss. :( Please contact me if you need more info on my story. I still have all my correspondence with CMBCrafts. Thanks, Vanessa (vonofre1@yahoo.com)
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    pomikabpomikab member
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    Please help me out. I lost over $2000 and I am so heart broken.  Is anyone suing her? Can you tell me anything that I may do?
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    I just found a site where someone contacted the Ottawa Sherrif's Dept and got her money back.
    I guess Connie is playing the same game with everyone, this time saying she was in the hospital and would ship the person's items out, but never did.

    With me, it was her dog died and a family member died.

    Someone lost $2,000.00 on vases from her and is filing a suit.
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