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Moving companies in GR?

Hi ladies!

H and I are moving from GR to Holland at the end of March. We're very seriously considering hiring movers to load our stuff on a truck, and unload it at the new place. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good company in GR? I got a quote from Two Men And A Truck for $950, which seems astronomical, and I'm looking to spend less than that.

Thanks! :)

Re: Moving companies in GR?

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    shrades77shrades77 member
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    hey there - maybe try posting this on the GR Nest board?  they may be helpful!!  :)
    **Rachel & Andy - 9.6.09**

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    akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    Good call! I rarely go over there, so I didn't think about it. :)
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    I used Big Brother Moving when I moved from Comstock Park to Cutlerville in June 2007. My parents' friends had used them before and had a good experience. I had a good experience, so my parents used them a year ago when they moved into a new house. They do as much or as little as you want them to, and will charge by hour. If I remember correctly, they took around 3 hours including travel, so it was something like $350 or so, plus a slight tip. It was totally worth it since I had a lot of heavy furniture that was easy for them to carry. Good luck!
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