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What is the next thing you want to check off?

The minister FINALLY sent me the package of possible vows, info on ceremony ideas etc. He said we should look at it then set up a meeting with him. Gah!!! I just about fired him because I still didn't have it. I decided if I didn't have it by this weekend when I get to FI's house, I was getting someone new. Yay! FI said it arrived yesterday! So that's my next thing...we'll figure out the ceremony readings, vows, song to walk down the aisle to, etc. 

How about you?

Re: What is the next thing you want to check off?

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    akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    Putting the ceremony details together was actually one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. Have fun!

    As for us, since our wedding was last summer... next I need to quit smoking, get off my BC, and say a little prayer. :) We've been practicing already. LOL!
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    b0710b0710 member
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    I just sent out my invites, so gathering rsvps is my immediate next step.  Also, my shower is this weekend, so that's exciting too!
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