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Tons of yellow and gray wedding stuff for sale - apothecary jars, table runners, paper lanterns, etc

Our October wedding is over and we have tons of gray and yellow decorations left over.  Items for sale include:

-hand painted white mitsumata branches (tall and skinny)
-hand painted white manzanita branches (short and intricate)
-yellow picture frames for table numbers
-table runners (charcoal gray ones and modern floral ones with different shades of gray and yellow)
-apothecary jars of all shapes and sizes
-2 yellow baskets for programs
-much more!

Let me know what you are looking for and I might have it.  Pictures available upon request.  We live in the Lansing area and prefer to meet in person vs. ship, as many of the items (branches and jars) are very fragile and bulky.

Re: Tons of yellow and gray wedding stuff for sale - apothecary jars, table runners, paper lanterns, etc

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    Hi All -

    Sorry I have missed some of these messages.  Here are some pics and updates below.

    Table Runners
    16 floral @ 10" X 99" (8ft 3in long) - $10 each
    16 gray @ 10" X 101" (8ft 5in long) - $10 each
    6 gray (cocktail table) @ 10" X 70" - $5 each
    1 floral (head table) @ 10" X 27'1" (27ft 1in long) - $30

    $8 per manzanita branch
    2 for $8 for mitsumata branches
    Can get approximate number of branches if interested.  I had 29 tables.
    Selling charms on branches, too.  Need to count up final number and size of charms and will post price.

    Picture Frames
     9 packages of 4 frames each, for a total of 36 frames
    Frames fit 4x6 picture
    I paid $5 for each package, but would be willing to sell them for $2.5 for the opened packages of 4 and $3 for the unopened packages of 4

    Apothecary Jars
    $15 for large (I paid $30), $10 for medium (I paid $20) and $5 for small (I paid $10)
    Most of the large ones might be gone soon

    Small, medium, and large dark gray, sunshine yellow, and off-white lanterns
    Will get approximate count and prices soon - someone already interested

    2 mustard yellow baskets for programs/misc.  Selling for $5 each - I paid $10 each

    Sweet Love sign
    I also have a Sweet Love sign that we placed on the candy table.  If you are doing a gray and yellow table, you can have this for free (as long as you pay for the shipping).

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    What are you asking for the apothecary jars? What sizes and how many do you have?


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    What do you have left?  I may be interested in buying it as a lot. 
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    Do you still have your runners left?  If so do you have a picture?  I am be very interested in them.

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    Do you have any apothecary jars left? If not, can you tell me where you sourced them from as I am having real difficulty finding any at a reasonable cost for my wedding in a month!

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    Hi there -
    It sounds like we have the exact same color scheme and vision for our weddings! Hope yours was spectacular!

    Do you have any of these things? I'll take whatever you have! Let me know!
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    do you have any lanterns or table runners left ?
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    I know you posted this a long time ago, but I was wondering if you had anything still available?  If not, where were you able to find most of your stuff in those colors? 

    Casey Hamilton
    [email protected]
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    Just wondering if you have any of  the items left. My friend is getting married in sept and would love to see what you still have available!

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    I am interested in the apothecary jars if you still have them Sept. 16th wedding coming up

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