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Where do all the people go?

We have 2 nieces, 5 nephews and 4 little girl cousins (ages 16-12) that we want to include in our wedding.  I want the nieces to be our F.G.'s and one of the cousins will be a BM because she is the oldest and my goddaughter.  My concern is what to do with the 5 nephews and other 3 cousins? 

Re: Where do all the people go?

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    That's a lot of kids to cram into a wedding. You could teach them a song to sing as a group. That way, they're included but you don'thave to come up with a job for each of them. Having that many kids in your wedding party spells disaster in my mind, even if you didn come with jobs ofr all of them You won't have one picture with all of them behaving and looking at the camera.

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    You don't necessarily have to include them all. PP is right, that's a lot of kids to try to keep track of. But maybe you could have them greet guests as they're entering the ceremony, hand out programs, etc.?
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