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Has anyone gotten their wedding flowers from Ashley Rose Wedding design. I believe it's run by Holly Smith. We are considering her for our wedding but we wanted to get some feedback from GR knotties. Thanks!

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    Sorry, haven't heard anything about her or the company. I know that's not much help but I always hate it when my questions get no response.

    Shrades - you seem to keep a close eye on this board, any other suggestions for her?

    I am going with Stuyvesant Floral because it's a relative of my fiance. They seem to have good prices but I know there are a lot of other really good floral shops around west michigan as well.

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    Unfortunately, I have not heard of Ashley Rose.  I would just make sure to get some references, or try to get feedback from previous clients before making a decision. 

    If you would like to compare them against other florists, I would suggest Elements of Elegance, Ele3 Events, Gail Vanderlaan Floral and Andylous Floral. 
    **Rachel & Andy - 9.6.09**

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    I am going to use them. They are reasonably priced and although I have not contacted them, a friend of mine used them and totally recommends them. Hope this helped and good luck with your planning :):):)
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